UPDATE: February 26, 2018

We are now out of bearings and most accessories. Some wheel models/sizes are out-of-stock, but on the whole there are plenty of wheels.

We also have a ton of pants and girdles still remaining. 

Sept. 18, 2017

Dear loyal customers,

We regret to inform you that as of September 2018 we have decided to close down. Our parent company, Kaleidosports, runs two other websites, and and the growth of those businesses have simply dwarfed this website. We sincerely want to thank every customer we've had over the past few seasons, big and small.

All remaining inventory is being cleared out at 50% off if you apply the code "STORECLOSING" (all caps, no quotation marks) at checkout.

Please be advised that all sales using this code are final and we will not be accepting returns. We plan on relieving ourselves of all inventory by summer 2018.

Thanks again for your support and best of luck in the coming season!

The team at Kaleidosports